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Aspire Revolution

We’ve been crafting beautiful websites, launching stunning brands and making numerous lives happy with a complete revolutionary industry that had been widely spread across the globe.With our prestigious craftsmanship, remarkable trainings and care and passion for youngsters.

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What You’ll Learn

Brand Development

CEO Exposure

Practical Knowledge

Time Management

Relationship Lessons

How to Tackle Startup With Studies

How To Become a Creator


Great Experience


Join ASPIRE family and make your dreams come true with us. Be independent through a highly rewarding work from home opportunity without any investment and start earning from day 1.

Aspire is a fastest growing Network Marketing company. So join it and achieve multiple titles in a short span.


Personality Development

Build Your Personality to Face the Corporate World.

Communication Skills


Grooming like a CEO

Time Management 


Our Workflow




Our Philosophy



Under Strong Leadership, We Believe Anyone can be Successful. With Leaders Across the Nation, We are Always Ready to Help.



Relationship is one of the most important factors for a Work. We Believe in Working with and For Connections. 



Connection to God is the Biggest of All. Always Stay Loyal to God and observe him while making any Decision.

Shop With Aspire

Shop With Aspire


Testimonials by Students

  • Rahul Bakshi Ji

    Rahul Bakshi Ji

    At that time I got an opportunity called, ASPIRE. Without wasting any more time, I grab the opportunity and started working on it. When I started, I do not have any identity in the market. There are thousands of people studying in whole IP University and when I started, I was just a part of that crowd. However, today by the magic of ASPIRE, I can proudly say that I do not even need to introduce myself GOOGLE itself do that. I got that Name, Fame, Stage back.

    ASPIRE  helped to me to convert myself into an Entrepreneur. Today I am having my own Brand working across the globe, along with that I am an International Blogger having my own International Commercial website by the name of www.realityonfire.com, along with that Business Partner with an International Brand like Google Inc., Apple Inc. and many more. I am a Motivational Speaker and Human Trainer, International Level Movie Maker and with this I am just 19thyears of age.

    Rahul Bakshi
  • Pooja Baberwal Ji

    Pooja Baberwal Ji

    ASPIRE is a temple, hope, and Opportunity to prove myself. I will be always thankful to Aspire Family and Mayank sir always, that he is doing some extraordinary and making so many lives from Aspire.

    Now I have so many achievements which I got from Aspire.
    1. Self confidence
    2. Self believe
    3. Power to face every problem
    4. Have confidence to give placement instead of sitting in college placement.
    5. Knowledge of IT
    6. experience of Team Manager
    Now I don’t need to think and worry about my career. I am preparing for it without any pressure.
    I am a Team Manager in Aspire Family. I like to work here because we are helping people by giving them the knowledge of it. there are so many people working here and changing there life, we r not an organization we are family. I get the support of every senior anytime anywhere, n trust of my team.

    Pooja Baberwal
    Team Manager
  • Rishabh Jain Ji

    Rishabh Jain Ji

    My life was so shattered by all the problems before joining ASPIRE.

    I Rishabh Jain, being an 18-year boy, I wanted to go hand in hand with my father to make all the family conditions good! I’m a B. Tech student from IP University and I think that the experience I gained in this industry resulted that I’m going 3 years forward from all the students who study in my college.

    6th of October I went to Aspire World Imagination’s personal presentation at CP and I felt it as a turning point in my life, and this was the main reason why I joined ASPIRE Family. I joined ASPIRE on the same day. And one day, after so many struggles, got my first income, finally got it…

    When I came to know about the chairman and my legend Mr. Mayank Thakur sir, and all the struggles he faced in his early stage I saw my problems as a very small thing.

    I feel very glad that I got a chance to work in Aspire Family. It is a great way to get a good life for you and your family. Opportunity comes only one time and I grabbed it and making it the best!

    Mayank Thakur Sir is a person who has transformed lives of more than thousands and thousands of people. He is like my god, my everything and I respect him and thank him for giving this platform.

    I think everyone should be able to recognise this platform to get your dreams fulfilled.

    Thank you ASPIRE for this immense support.

    All the seniors are the best.

    Nitin Sir, Darpan Sir, Srishti Mam, Ritik Gupta Sir, Rahul Bakshi Sir, Akash Sir and Apoorv Sir, all the seniors helped a lot, when I needed them when I am in trouble, so, thank you so much for always there as a support, without you I won’t be anything.

    It feels like I am in a total support and get all the knowledge and experience. I am blessed to have them in my life and I will surely achieve what I dream. Every student should have this opportunity.

    ASPIRE is the only platform which provides the students to become IT literate. It is initiating MAKE IN INDIA and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

    As per Government, every student at every field should go for Entrepreneurship. Finally, I can say that I’m an IT professional, a human trainer, an international blogger and a network marketer, who’s proudly running his website as an international brand, by the name of www.originaltalks.com

    Thank you so much ASPIRE.

    Jai Aspire❤


    Rishabh Jain
  • Vansh Gulati Ji

    Vansh Gulati Ji

    I am Vansh Gulati, currently a budding entrepreneur, a proud otaku, a motivational speaker, and a human trainer. In terms of qualifications, I’ve just completed my 12th standard and hoping to pursue B.Tech CSE from a college affiliated with IP University.

    Apart from a mere student who has just passed 12th, I wouldn’t be any of those things if I had never joined ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS. My life wasn’t bad but the way it was going it was supposed to be ended as a good-for-nothing 9 to 5(er). But then what I like to say, “ASPIRE HAPPENED”. My friend showed me the concept of ASPIRE Family, motivated me and then ASPIRE helped me in many stages and now with the grace of ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS, I’m the CEO and Founder of otakutakara.com, a website with the sole purpose to provide information to any otaku compiled at its best.

    I won’t brag, but the faintest idea of me declining my friend that day gives me chills down my spine. When I joined ASPIRE Family, my sole purpose was to learn website and brand development and that’ll be all. But when I met some Aspirants, I came to realize that my sole purpose was a mere monthly target against this giant monolith. That’s when I realized what ASPIRE Family actually is. Now, it’s been more than a month and I’m for the most part enjoying what I do, and that has never happened before. Meeting new people with their brilliant ideas and a lot of respect for your work bestows you a sense of satisfaction that can never be explained. That’s the first and the most important thing ASPIRE gave to me, RESPECT. What I thought to be a platform, a company turned out to be a gigantic and beautiful family. The best thing about ASPIRE Family is that it is the only platform that provides us the opportunity to do whatever we want, to explore anything and everything without the thought of falling. Because here, everybody has got everybody’s back. That’s what ASPIRE can do for you, it can bring out the best version of yourself. That is what it did for me and is still doing, to bring out the best version of myself. I cannot explain the gratitude I feel for the platform and I’m pretty sure this feeling is common for everybody that has been hustling here.

    Vansh Gulati
  • Akash Bhatnagar Ji

    Akash Bhatnagar Ji

    ASPIRE Family, its just a 6 letter name for everyone but after going inside this box I, AKASH BHATNAGAR came to know that it is a box in which they are giving us a platform for our passion, lots of experiences, a dream platform where we can explore our ideas with our best friends…

    In my, thinking ASPIRE is a house of motivation. In these days nobody motivates anyone and It is the first ever started company who is motivating youth for their success and future with expert guidance…

    ASPIRE is a family who is adopting kids and giving them the love of a father, mother, and brother…

    I’m 18 right now and I’m pursuing B.Sc. In sports sciences and it is a professional course of 3 years… So, I am just taking ASPIRE FAMILY to parallel with my studies, as I’m not doing any different thing in these 3 years…


    1) It will take 2-3 months to purchase a bike.

    2) ‎Then it will take 6-7 months to purchase a brand New E vision Car.

    3) ‎Then I’ll work for my house and if it takes me 1-2 years, then it will not be an issue for me…

    4) ‎Then I’ll work for my securities.

    5) Then after this, I’ll announce my retirement at the age of 25 were a normal student steps into the market…


    The name of this website starts with the word “think” which I guess nobody likes. So friends, here we’re to eradicate that “think” factor.

    This website is for those food lovers who want to go and taste the best food near them…

    We’ll try our level best to provide you the best content and information regarding every single dish….We always try to bring you the best of the best content and information about everything.


    Akash Bhatnagar
  • Aman Rawat Ji

    My self Aman Rawat and I AM just 18 years old. I completed my 12th class from Govt boys Senior secondary school and now I am pursuing b.com from Delhi University apart from this am not only a student I am an Entrepreneur, a human trainer, Business partner with Google and the CEO & Founder of www.trendingvilla.com.
    I have been thankful to Aspire.
    Aspire is a platform where each and every kid can change his life also he can fulfill his dreams. Because ASPIRE Family is the platform from where I changed my life. Before Aspire i was an ordinary kid who didn’t know what to do or what should I do, even I did not know what’s going on with my life. But everything happens for a reason. I got an Opportunity, I worked hard and an 18-year-old boy has made his own identity. Now i am crystal clear about my targets and my life. Now i can proudly says that i am something in the market.


    Aman Rawat
  • Jhalak Gandhi Ji

    Jhalak Gandhi Ji

    I, Jhalak Gandhi completed my schooling from St. Paul’s Church College, Agra. I am a third-year student, pursuing English Honours from Mata Sundri College, Delhi University. I am 20 years of age. Along with that, I am an international blogger. My website goes by the name www.blablabuster.com. It runs live in 200+ countries.

    A travel enthusiast, I wish to travel the world and satisfy my wanderlust. By working with ASPIRE FAMILY, I can see my dream being fulfilled. ASPIRE FAMILY has given me a chance to realize my dreams and start working on them at this age. In order to achieve something big, you have to start early and that is what ASPIRE is helping us to do. It is too late when you land in the market after completing your education and look for a job. Why not begin now and provide jobs instead?

    ASPIRE FAMILY  is helping me to develop my personality, become self-dependent financially and work on my dreams so that after completing my education, I already have my own brand in the market and people working for me.

    Thank You ASPIRE for widening my vision, helping me in seeing my dreams and actually making them possible to achieve.

    Jhalak Gandhi
  • Deepankar Singh Ji

    Deepankar Singh Ji

    This is Deepankar Singh, and I am just a 12th passed student who had big dreams and vision for his life. But didn’t know how to achieve them. Came across the concept of ASPIRE FAMILY just a few months back and was literally amazed and shocked after watching the concept.

    Before seeing the concept I was just Deepankar Singh a normal student but now not only a student but also an International Blogger, a human trainer, a motivational speaker and most importantly a budding Entrepreneur and currently a Team Leader in ASPIRE FAMILY.

    So, after watching the concept I made a website by the name of www.omniakingdom.com. Its a universal blog. There you can find content regarding almost every field whether its Sports, Technolodgy, Automobiles, and many more.  

    ASPIRE is not just a company for us its an emotion. ASPIRE FAMILY can transform the life of a normal person into something different and great. Yes, ASPIRE FAMILY can give money but not only that, the main thing that ASPIRE can give to an individual is STAGE. Being on stage when 300-400 people are applauding and looking at you is what ASPIRE can give you, and that’s the best feeling in the world. 



    Deepankar Singh
  • Shravi Sharma Ji

    Shravi Sharma Ji

    I am Shravi Sharma, I am from Delhi and living in Haridwar. I came to know about ASPIRE from my brother’s friend. When first heard about it, the concept seems very interesting to me, as it gives us an opportunity to become an entrepreneur on your own talent.
    Right now, I Am pursuing M.SC PHYSICS and working on this international project. In this project, I created my own website and its name is “crazytemptation.com “. This website is about street food of various cities.
    The day I joined ASPIRE, I have been working on both IT AND HR fields. Both the fields are very challenging and it requires lots of efforts to achieve success in both of them. But these efforts are never wasted. It helps you to grow as a person who achieves everything on their own. When I joined this project I wanted that my seniors know me by my name but not just someone’s downline. It was very difficult for me to create a team in a place like Haridwar where there was not a single member of ASPIRE family. But I never got discouraged and put my 100% efforts to create a team here. I coordinated everything with my seniors on calls and messages. They guided me in every step I took for my growth. Finally, i was able to create a team of 13 members And became a CYCLE ACHIEVER.
    Now from cycle achiever, I really wanted to become a team leader and team manager and achieve every highest position in ASPIRE. I am confident enough to do it.
    I really want to thank MAYANK SIR for giving us this life-transforming platform where we can achieve every dream. I also want to thank NITIN SIR , RITIK SIR , ANMOL SIR AND KAJAL MAM for supporting me whenever I needed them.
    I “ASPIRE” to write my own success story in “ASPIRE”.
    ❤❤❤❤❤❤JAI ASPIRE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Shravi Sharma
  • Mohit Verma Ji

    Mohit Verma Ji


    I, Mohit Verma (born on 20th Dec 1997) from Satyawati College, Delhi University aiming to make the future ‘certain’ for students, and continuously working towards a strong vision of setting up a High School in India with a unique & creative education system. I am a BloggerCareer Counselor & Network Marketer by profession.

    After getting colorful marks in XII, I started my journey when I was 19, invited by a friend to have a look at a concept designed by an I.T company named as ‘Aspire’. I got associated with this co., not because of I.T revolution, the whopping figure of 32 lacs, but with trust on my friend that he will support me throughout my journey.. Nothing went as expected!

    I always say to myself, ‘Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself’. This keeps me motivated till today! The secret is.. I changed my surroundings (friends, parties, addictions). And that is why I got a chance to earn the ‘stage’ and love of a beautiful team.

    As promised by Aspire, I developed a brand with the help of my worthy seniors by the name of ‘Step Up Student’. Yes, a brand! It is a platform which defines ‘who you are?’ and provides a quick guide to ‘who you wanna become?’. We wish to cherish each & every moment in a student’s life. Students must believe in their dreams, the rest is our job to help them find a better opportunity in life. It is associated with bigger brands such as Google & Amazon.

    The transformation came when I started worshipping my work. I respect this platform (Aspire) and the people therein.

    I have achieved so many things such as Respect, Name & Stage. And with blessings of Almighty, I will definitely achieve wonders.

    At last, I just want to thank all the people connected with me through Aspire – Mayank Thakur Sir, Darpan Sir, Nitin Sir, Srishti Mam, Ritik Sir & my lovely Teammates.


    Mohit Verma

A Few Facts about Aspire

Unique Concept

In India, we are the one of the top leading revolutionary platform to incorporate a unique platform providing youngsters a chance to build a life and their dreams, rather than searching out for jobs, we believe to become the creator for the jobs.

Advanced Methods

We don’t believe in traditional approaches of executing the thing, we go with the flow and brings out the best, one wishes to become. We Believe in Working on Basics there is no Such Thing as Advanced. Getting into the Basic Guidance is the Key to Success. 

Different Strategy And Approach

We believe in analysing the situations strategise in our own way. The Real Meaning of Platform is to Understand the need of a Person and Delivering them the right Direction and Guidance. So, it simply means that platform is a universal Way to grow in all the Sectors, Fashion, Ideas and Creativity.